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Aibell in Midnight Court 

Next summer, I'll be playing Aibell in MIDNIGHT COURT - a new opera written by Kelsey Sullivan and Nori Hung - at the 2022 Edinburgh Summer Fringe Festival!

To find out more information about the production and how to support those involved, check out the Midnight Court website

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"Based on ancient Irish folklore, MIDNIGHT COURT weaves together two tales: that of Aengus, God of Love, and Aibell, Goddess of the Banshees. Aibell steals men away from their marital beds and castrates them for not pleasing their wives adequately. Aengus just loves love! So when Aengus makes two humans, Rowan and Eabha, fall in love and get married, and Rowan fails to fulfill Eabha’s needs, Aibell and her banshees steal him away. Now, Eabha and Aengus must journey through Ireland to convince Aibell to give him back. It is a wet, wild, and wacky exploration of love, lust, romance, and partnership through mysticism and eroticism."

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Hey y'all! Welcome!

      I'm Anissa, pronouns she/her/hers, and I'm an actor, singer and dancer lite based in New York City, as well as a recent graduate of NYU Steinhardt, having earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance concentrating on Musical Theatre. Originally from a small city in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, I respond very well to sunshine and towering scoops of ice cream. 


      I am passionate about storytelling through song as a means to reach those who never thought they were seen: connecting people to each other and to stories that light their spirit on fire.

 I am an avid reader of romance novels, a wannabe poet, and my ukulele, Geraldine, has become an extension of myself over the past year of the pandemic.