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NYU Steinhardt Vocal Performance/MT

Class of 2020 Showcase

Tentative Date: Spring 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has launched us all into a scary, scary time. Because of this, the NYU Steinhardt MT undergraduate/graduate showcase has been postponed from May to mid-fall. Once the dust begins to settle a little bit, and you feel like seeing some college performers that are extremely excited to be singing with each other again onstage - come check us out!

Sending you the most love in this trying time, wherever you may be. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay well!

54 Below

My MT Class of 2020 family at 54 Below! 


about me! 


Hey y'all! Welcome!

      I'm Anissa (she/her) - an actor, singer and dancer based in New York City, as well as a recent graduate of NYU Steinhardt, having earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance concentrating on Musical Theatre. Originally from a small city in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, I respond very well to sunshine and towering scoops of ice cream. 


      I am passionate about storytelling through song as a means to reach those who never thought they were seen: connecting people to each other and to stories that light their spirit on fire. I also hope to, as a hearing person, bring more awareness to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community through theatre in some capacity in the future.

 I am an avid reader of Nicholas Sparks' novels, a wannabe poet, and my admiration for Bernadette Peters is practically a part of my identity.